EASTN DC Festival Video now released!

EASTN-DC: Celebrate innovations in digital media with concerts, installations, workshops, AR/VR and discussions with media industry partners from around Europe. Video Credits: Kieran Hanson (concept and design) and Valeria Luongo (footage)

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30 June at 10 am. "Soda" a Synth Building Workshop: Build a Semi-modular Instrument Presented by Staš Vrenko (Ljudmila, Slovenia)

‍Soda is a semi-modular electroacoustic instrument with several inputs and outputs, which enable interfacing with other audio devices (such as synths, rhythm machines, guitar pedals, etc.). Register via email: info@ljudmila.org COST: £35

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Registration is now open for all the Digital Creativity Week Events - EASTN-DC

All events are FREE (limited to availability), except for the three large-scale Surround Sound Dome concerts with the MANTIS system (concession prices)

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Testing Tokyo-Manchester data transmission for the “Magnetic Dance Glove” Network performance by Iannis Zannos on Tue 26 June

“Magnetic Dance Glove” (MDG). The MDG is a wearable controller that is used by a dancer or other kind of performer to send movements of the hand that it is worn on wirelessly to a computer that participates as a node in the Magnetic Dance project.

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Maia comes to Manchester: Exploring mixed realities

With a month to go until our Festival of Digital Creativity, find out more about our first resident artist, Ignacio Pecino, and his work exploring virtual reality vs. augmented reality. Join us at 11:00 on 26th June for a demo!

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1st EASTN-DC Manchester Residency announced: RecursiveArts

Glad to announce our first Residency and collaboration with game-audio company specialised in location aware devices and founder of sonicmaps.org

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Attending #CreativeEurope event at HOME, Manchester

Creative Europe Beneficiary Get- together - Manchester Monday, 25 September 2017 from 13:00 to 17:30 (BST) Location HOME 2 Tony Wilson Place M15 4FN Manchester United Kingdom

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EASTN-DC Network kick-off Meeting in Grenoble, France

Time has come! Delighted to attend the launch of the EASTN-DC Network

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25-30 JUNE 2018
A week of events
Many Free Events
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